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Project Coordinator

  2021-03-19     EnviroIssues     Oakland     $54,080 and 60,320 year  

As a Project Coordinator, you would be responsible for contributing alongside other teammates to develop and implement various communications and outreach efforts. Project Coordinators often work on several projects at once, collaborating other teammates. Our projects are dynamic and require an ability to work both independently and in a fast-paced team setting with a high level of initiative, partnership and collaboration, and creativity and problem-solving.

Project Coordinators typically:

  • Draft public materials such as flyers, web content, social media, letters and mailers, public event materials, responses to community questions via email for review by project teammates.
  • Maintain project databases tracking project contacts, communications, and activities.
  • Plan logistics for a wide variety of events such as public meetings, farmer’s market tables, and advisory committee meetings.
  • Communicate directly with community members about projects at events, over the phone, or via email.
  • Attend internal meetings and share ideas on outreach strategy and options with their teams.
  • Problem solve in real-time to support successful public engagement.
  • Work closely with graphic designers and website developers to develop public materials and tools that engage community.
  • Work collaboratively within their teams and with other Project Coordinators to continually learn and adapt innovative tools to engage community.

Examples of projects we work on and how a Project Coordinator contributes to our team’s success:

We work on a diverse array of projects so many Project Coordinators have different experiences and day-to-day activities. Below are three different types of projects and some possible activities a Project Coordinator may do on the project.

  1. Event planning: We work on several projects to expand Sound Transit light rail throughout the Puget Sound region. During the planning phase of these projects, we often plan and execute widescale community engagement efforts. A Project Coordinator on such as project may be involved in planning in-person and online engagement events, thinking and figuring out where to host the events, how to advertise them, what materials are needed to have a successful event and how to make these events accessible to all community members.
  2. Construction flyering: We work on all stages of a project, including seeing projects built, such as installing an underground wastewater storage tank in the middle of a residential neighborhood. During construction Project Coordinators are often taking information from the construction contractor and writing flyers to share what local neighbors can expect during upcoming construction. They would also spend time on site distributing flyers along with taking cool construction progress photos.
  3. Summarizing community feedback: On many of our projects, we use online surveys to capture community input. We’ve worked to help a community vision how to turn public land into a new park, seeking input on what they want to see in a new park. After collecting survey data, a Project Coordinator may review, read, and develop a summary of this feedback to share with our client and articulate how this feedback can shape the next step in the project.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have experience maintaining project databases, compiling meeting summaries, preparing publication materials, public outreach and coordinating public outreach efforts.
  • Be flexible and able to adapt to changing environments and work with multiple project teams and topics.
  • Be able to focus and demonstrate attention to detail.
  • Experience working in community and has connections with community partners.
  • Excellent writing focused on being accessible to a wide variety of specific audiences.
  • Experience working on accessibility for written and visual materials, print and digital.
  • Commitment to seeking and offering direct feedback with a growth mindset.
  • Experience navigating conflict and addressing concerns from community members who are upset.
  • Centers relationship-building in their communication, seeking to know their colleagues and understand their skills, interests and backgrounds.
  • Understand core constructs such as structural racism, equity, justice, white privilege, internalized oppression, anti-racism, and more.
  • Understand how race-based privilege and power has contributed to “the range of barriers to equal opportunity and the depth of embedded racial inequities” – how they were created, are currently reinforced and maintained, and can be removed.
  • Exhibit cultural responsiveness and humility.
  • Be committed to seeking and offering direct feedback with a growth mindset.

To apply, please email the below listed directly to

  • Resume highlighting relevant experience for the position.
  • Cover letter sharing information about you, your interest in this position, and why you feel ending racism is important and what strategies have you created to dismantle racism in your life.
  • One sample that demonstrates your writing skills and style.
  • If you are willing, complete and submit a voluntary Self-Identify Form which is maintained separately from your application materials.
  • We encourage anyone who brings bilingual and/or multicultural background and/or lived experience that helps us include all voices in an equitable way to apply.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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